What do we do?

As an agency that operates in UK, Europe and India, we offer marketing solutions in the areas of
a) Shopper Marketing i.e 'Last Mile' solutions in-store as well as on eCommerce & mCommerce platforms and
b) Business to business marketing from branding solutions and brand management to thought leadership and marketing communication management.

Why are we different?

Our team comes with strong advertising and domain expertise in FMCG and B2B marketing, resulting in focused strategic and creative planning services. We also have our own cloud based asset management solution which helps in streamlining workflow and managing all assets in real-time. To wrap up our offering we have a low cost offshore production hub which produces work across media for our clients.

How do we engage?

We have 4 distinct processes of engagement--Converse, Create, Connect and Collaborate. Customers could choose any one of them or a combination of all 4 depending on their marketing needs, be it for consulting on a problem, using our creative skills, pure production services or building a technology solution. That is why we are fast, reliable and cost effective.

Why are we 21st Century?

This is because we think Tradition + Digital i.e Tradigital !!! We are media agnostic and customer centric. We understand the different forms of media and deliver bespoke solutions to suit clients' media engagement habits. Significantly we weave technology into most of the marketing solutions that we recommend.

Whom do we work with?

Some of the finest brands in the Ice Creams, Refreshments, Oral Care, Savoury and Dressings categories of multinationals like Unilever, Bacardi and SC Johnson in the areas of Shopper Marketing and with customers like HayGroup, Rentokil Initial, EY, ING, Mphasis, Lenovo, Fosroc in B2B Marketing.

  • converse

    We love talking brands and marketing problems. That’s why we find simple, creative ideas suited for 21st century. Our focus is on being ‘On Brand’ and its effectiveness in the ever-changing market place. We believe in making the most of global creative skills and customer-centric technology to help brand performance.
    Let’s converse.


  • create

    Brands are remembered for their creative expression. The key is in identifying where, when and how to communicate with the end consumer. At Basil, we create identity, design, communication and user interfaces across different media relevant to the 21st century. We make customers take a second look. No matter the medium, language or location.
    Let’s get creative.


  • connect

    Today, it is critical for consumers and brands to be consistent across markets. We offer simple solutions 21st century problems with single window project management across disciplines and time zones. Our teams function as brand custodians for seamless implementation.
    Let’s connect.


  • collaborate

    We pluck ideas out of thin air, or at least, the cloud. We develop cloud-based solutions so that clients can store, manage and use their creative assets in any format, across the globe. Cost-effective and simple, this is the 21st century global brand management.
    Let’s collaborate.



Clients & Brands

Visionary, global, multi-national, multi-lingual, single entity, established, new, cautious, mainline... Our clients exist in many shapes, sizes and locations. Ranging from FMCG, IT, Services, Hospitality, B2B to niche genres, we work with diverse companies and brands across the world. Besides being powerhouse performers in their own right, they have one thing in common. The desire to build great brands in a flat world. Enter BasilGlobal. We're proud to converse, create, connect and collaborate with these names. And even prouder to showcase the simple yet 21st century work that we've done for them here.